“Vien mi casa.”

"Vien mi casa!" she gleefully shouted from the top of the hill. Peering over the makeshift porch railing, which was really just a board, she looked on her friends, the workers, with excited eyes and an eager soul. Everyone was her friend; everyone was invited to her house. Play was the little runt's expertise, and... Continue Reading →


The Shame That Is Me

I’m here to talk about a very uncomfortable subject: shame. No, I don’t mean the shame you feel when you eat one too many cookies, or the embarrassment you experience when you’re at someone’s house and you make their toilet flood. (Yes, I’ve done both of those things, unfortunately.) I’m talking about the shame you... Continue Reading →

Challenge Accepted

No one knows how impeccably sad I've been at times. But I wouldn't want them to. I wouldn't want anyone to feel as I did. I simply wouldn't wish that upon someone else. But I also realize every other person has their own struggles I do not see. Pains that I do not feel. It... Continue Reading →

Where God Wants Me to Be

The other day my friend graciously told me, "You are exactly where God wants you to be." This made me stop and wonder. I am where I am supposed to be because God has put me here. Yes, I'm on a journey and I'm headed somewhere, but right now, in this moment, I'm HERE. I... Continue Reading →

Beauty vs. Truth

Dear Readers, Today I was doing my summer class assignment. We are reading How to Read a Book by Mortimer Alder, and a certain line he wrote struck me profoundly. It reads, "Beauty is harder to analyze than truth." A fairly simple sentence, to be sure, but I found that it contains much depth. It is... Continue Reading →

Living in the Present

Dear readers, Right now I am at the beach. I am currently outside sitting on a wooden porch swing. It's comfy in a hard, solid kind of way. As I was rocking back and forth, I thought, "Wow, it's only Tuesday." We got here Saturday afternoon, so today is only our fourth day here. It... Continue Reading →

Taking on the World

I want to inspire people. I didn't know what I wanted to do six months ago, but I have somewhat of an idea now. At first I was afraid to talk about it. I felt like as a teenager I was supposed to know what I wanted to do with my life, but at the... Continue Reading →

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